Truth has one dimension only and we must protect it. Truth shapes you and your perceptions, your behaviour and choice. Consequently, it determines your destiny directly and influences your prospects of development, prosperity and well-being.

Only together we can effectively resist the hostile attempts of informational manipulations and psychological pressure. Resilience League unites international experts into professional network which aims at strengthening national resilience against hybrid threats.

About Resilience League

Resilience League is an international co-operation platform for experts and young professionals to create shared experience, obtain new practical knowledge and develop innovative methods for effective counteracting hostile influence. 

Our co-operation activities address the following critical issues:

  • Public demystification of propaganda and joint countermeasures against cases of hostile information and psychological pressure
  • Raising general awareness through open discussions and professional skills trainings for international experts
  • Development of critical and analytical thinking among young specialists and practitioners
  • Planning and realising effective countermeasures for improvement of national resilience (including strategic communications as well as informational, psychological and cyber resilience)
  • Creating and sharing practical knowledge about modern media instruments, channels and innovative methods for countering hostile manipulations.