Established in 2011, National Centre of Defence & Security Awareness (NCDSA) runs various defence and security-oriented educational programmes, training activities and informational campaigns.

Our long-term vision is a secure Estonian society that is psychologically resilient, socially cohesive and resistant to hostile influence.

Our mission is to strengthen Estonia's national resilience by means of social interactions, situational awareness, applied research and strategic communication.

Established in 2011, National Center of Defence and Security Awareness (NCDSA) is an independent civic platform which aims at raising awareness about defence and security in Estonia. NCDSA strives for development of practical cooperation among experts not just domestically but also internationally.

Besides the topics of defence and security, the NCDSA sets its focus on such interdisciplinary areas as strategic communications, national resistance, volunteers in internal security, hybrid threats, analysis of information operations, monitoring of hostile influence, social phycology, memetics and design of narratives, media literacy, and other related areas.

NCDSA organises regularly promotional events and runs informational campaigns in social media in order to inform equally Estonian and Russian-speaking youth about national defence and security issues. We increase awareness about NATO and our allies among Russian-speakers in Estonia. Moreover, our team runs online activities in social media in order to promote NATO and to inform general public about its activities in the region.

Our mission is to increase the quality of situational awareness for effective countermeasures against actual hybrid threats. Variety of NCDSA activities contribute to realisation of our long-term vision.

We inform the Russian-speaking communities in Estonia about national defence and security, by initiating and organizing public events, expert seminars, trainings, and discussions on topical issues.

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Our team strengths its competence via results-oriented partnerships and long-term co-operation with of target audience, expert community, local authorities, governmental agencies and foreign partners. Co-operation is based on continuous accumulation and regular exchange of experience locally, nationally and internationally.

Our co-operation with experts from other countries (Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine, Finland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Belgium, Canada, Germany, France, etc.) has always some added value which is expressed in the form of practical actions: joint events, training courses, information campaigns, research projects, publications etc.

In 2015-2018, NCDSA experts contributed to the activities of NATO research group (NATO STO SAS-117 „Information Operations for Influence“).

Our long-term partners include Estonian Ministry of Defence, Estonian Defence Forces, Estonian Defence League, Estonian Academy of Security Sciences, Estonian Department of Defence Resources, Narva College of Tartu University, International Center for Defence and Security (ICDS), Friedrich Ebert Foundation and many high schools and vocational schools in Ida-Viru county, North-East Estonia.

We also co-operate with representations of the allied countries: United Kingdom, USA and Germany.