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Established in 2011, the National Centre for Defence & Security Awareness (NCDSA) is an Estonian non-governmental expert platform for strengthening national resilience by means of applied research, strategic communication and social interactions.

NCDSA’s long-term vision is a secure society that is psychologically resilient, socially cohesive and resistant to hostile influence.

The NCDSA runs the state-supported training programme entitled Sinu Riigi Kaitse. The programme’s aim is to inform Russian-speaking communities on Estonian national defence and security by initiating and organising public events. It also strives to induce discussions to promote awareness of the Estonian, NATO and EU security and defence policies among Russian-speakers in Estonia. Additionally, the NCDSA monitors and analyses security- and defence-related perceptions of the Russian-speakers in Estonia. Among other activities, the NCDSA produces Russian-language materials aimed at inspiring and empowering young Russian-speakers by highlighting personal success stories in Estonia’s security and defence sector.